If you’re denim has the right cut – think slim and straight – there is no reason you can’t dress it up.

Depending on your office of course, these looks may give you ideas for good Casual Friday looks that can transfer directly to a “fancy” weekend night out.

As a matter of fact, in a lot of professions you may not need to wait until Friday. If you can make your denim look sharp and presentable nobody will call you out on looking “not appropriate”.

Here’s three different pairs of jeans dress-up, to get you thinking.

If you’re unsure about dressing-up jeans, take the easy way out. Dark, slim, straight, hardly any contrast stitching, and hemmed to the top of the back of the shoe. Can’t really go wrong here.

Tip: You may have noticed in the close-up shots that every jacket in this post has some texture to it. The more “rugged” the fabric, the easier it is to pair with denim.

Tip II: A soft shoulder can help give a slighty more relaxed, denim-friendly feel as well.

Tip III: The tie in this look (and look 1) is cut from the same cloth (literally) as the DB jacket in look 2. Worn together they ad an element of simplicity that is new and fresh. Wool ties aren’t just for the winter, keep in mind there are awesome lightweight textured wools too.