Getting used to the new D’LOOP JEANS RAW Fit 79 – the comfortable straight, loose grip around the hips, enough room for thighs and crotch! The Fit is one thing, following the retro care instructions quite another. The expert advice varies from giving your jeans the occasional overnight bug-killing stay in the freezer to never, ever washing them. Technically, the only „washing“ you should do is getting them wet after you’ve bought them, before wriggling them on so that they air-dry on your body, moulding exactly to shape. What a non-sense! We at D’LOOP JEANS recommend a different approach: „Wear them a lot and wash every 6 weeks, and inbetween the washing intervals hang the pair, inside out, to dry.“ Our jeans are handcrafted with retro methods and need no frequesnt washing. A luke warm (30°C) wash every 6 weeks is good! The shift towards buying new clothes that are built to last and improve along the way can only be a good thing. That’s why we like „Slow Fashion„!